Houyi shot down nine sunbirds, leaving one in the sky to restore balance to Earth.


In response, the emperor summoned the archer, Houyi, who scaled the highest mountain with his magic bow.


One day, rising together, their combined heat threatened to scorch the land and destroy crops.


Long ago, there existed ten sunbirds that took turns rising and setting each day.


From bud break to emptied glass, NINE SUNS embodies the experience of wine through past, present and future – the patience to endure the trials and tribulations of vineyard to bottle, the anticipation of when and where to indulge, the sharing of such moments with friends and loved ones, and the savoring of revisited memories.


Houyi Vineyard

Before wine comes fruit. Before fruit comes land. HOUYI Vineyard is named after the archer who shot down the sunbirds. It is the pulse of NINE SUNS as well as a few like-minded partners interested in creating their own unique expressions of this Pritchard Hill terroir.



Nine Suns Winery

Situated on the Eastern end of HOUYI Vineyard, NINE SUNS Winery is the nexus of agriculture, science, history, art, and people essential to the wine. It is a landscape meant for exploration and interaction – a broad spectrum of tastes, textures and talents.


Our Wines

Balance defines NINE SUNS in the components of the wine, and also as a component of an experience shaped by the senses, places, people, and occasions that give wine its meaningful relevance. NINE SUNS aims to inspire connections to these memorable experiences, long after the last drop is poured.

NINE SUNS wines are released annually and are available by allocation. Join our mailing list to get notified about our releases.

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Mailing List

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